They Laughed When I Said I Wanted To Be A Coach But When I Showed Them My Bank Account...

My buddy Mike had just shown off his new e-commerce store and all the sales he was making. All of our friends were amazed and couldn’t stop gushing over how cool it was! So I decided this would be the perfect time to tell them about my secret coaching business! 

To the amazement of our friends, I pulled out my phone, and loaded up *my* website.

“Ben's just messing around.” Paul’s wife chuckled. They all just kind of blew me off at first. They were certain I’d never leave my office job.

“Does he really have an online business?” I heard someone whisper as I looked up from the screen.

“Ben?! Ha! No way! Ben can barely figure out a DVD player, let alone build an online business!” But just watch… he’s going to do something funny.

I decided to make the most of the situation. With mock dignity, I told Mike I was going to be a life coach and that he'd need to lie down on my sofa so we could explore all his “problems".

“You’d never find them all!” Mike’s wife said and we all laughed.

Then All Eyes Turned To My iPhone

They were immediately shocked into silence. The laughter stopped the moment I started scrolling through my client bookings. Page after page of deposits from just this week alone. You should have seen the look on Mikes face when someone booked as he was holding my phone! Ha! Dumbstruck. 

I started to show them the really simple process I use. Everyone was absolutely transfixed and crowded around my iPhone now. I’m pretty sure the waiter even tried to get our attention at one point. But everyone was glued to my screen. 

I showed them the simple ad I use to attract my clients. I showed them the presentation that runs on auto-pilot so I don’t have to work. I showed them where people go to actually *apply* to work with me! I showed them the recurring monthly payments I was getting. And just to top it all off, I showed Mike the pics of the vacation I took my wife on last month. And pics of Betty… the black ’67 Corvette I just bought last weekend! :)

All Paid For With My Secret Coaching Business

As I reached the end of the booking page, Mike looked up with a stunned face. “You gotta teach me how you did that, man!” he said. “I love my store, but it’s not making nearly as much as your coaching business!” Diane couldn’t believe I’d been keep this a secret the whole time. And the waiter… even the waiter started asking questions! Everyone was beyond excited to learn how I was doing this!

“Ben! Why didn’t you tell us about your business?” Diane said. “Who taught you how to do that!? That’s AMAZING!” said Pauls wife. “How long have you been a coach?”

“I just started last month!" I replied.

“Get outta here!” laughed Mike. “I know how much time this stuff takes. You must have been working at this forever to make that kind of money.”

“I swear! Before last month I had absolutely no clue how *ANY* of this works!” I said, barely able to hold back my excitement now. “I decided to keep it a secret so that I could surprise everyone when I quit working at the office!”

Then I told them the whole story.

“Have you ever heard of the Simple Coaching System?” I asked.

Mike nodded. “Yeah, that’s that online coaches school I keep hearing about!”

“Exactly!” I replied. “They have a new super-simple method that can teach you how to build your coaching business AND get clients in just a few weeks.”

How I Built My Coaching Business In 4 Weeks

And then I explained how for years I had always wanted to quit my job and become a Life Coach.

“I was browsing around on Facebook last month and saw an ad for the Simple Coaching System which guaranteed results. The ad talked about how this guy started his coaching business and attracted more clients than he could handle in just a few weeks - all without leaving his home!”

Best of all, this amazing new method he used didn’t require any complicated websites, stressful sales calls or expensive advertising. It sounded almost too good to be true. So I booked one of their Free Discovery Calls to check it out.

And how did *THAT* go, asked Mike?

“It was FANTASTIC! I booked my call and actually got to speak with the founder of the school! He even sent me a video before our call explaining how everything works.

He explained that the reason his company does these calls is to be absolutely certain every person that gets accepted into the school has an amazing chance of success. He asked me a few questions to make sure I was a good fit. I asked him a few. It was a fun. And so when he told me about their “leave-no-man-behind” success guarantee AND that I’d be a perfect fit - I signed up on the spot!”. It was a no brainer.

“I was sent the first few exercises right away and I scheduled another 1-on-1 call for the next week. It really was just like the ad said. As easy as A. B. C. And the more I got settled into the training, the easier it got! Before I knew it, my business was running and I had leads actually sending ME messages asking to work with me!

Once I figured out the system - nothing could stop me! And believe it or not, now I'm making more than DOUBLE what I was making at my day job, working 1/3 the time!

Start ANY Coaching Business In Just Weeks

You too can start your own coaching business with the Simple Coaching System - right at home - in just a few weeks! You can’t go wrong with this proven new method of getting clients which has already helped countless coaches start their careers. Forget the idea that you need special skills, formal training or certifications. 

Just decide what type of coach you’d like to be, and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. And remember, no matter which type of coaching you do - Simple Coaching System will work with you until your business is successful. No matter whether you’re just starting your coaching business, or you’ve been running it for years, SCS can help you attract clients like never before.

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